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From Newscoma:

It started with a conversation on IChat.

One of the biggest obstacles that I’ve had since going to a hosted domain at my blog was technical issues. Sadcox has been extremely helpful when my comments would go down, when I was hacked in November and in actually transferring items through FTP to help my personal blog evolve. There has been a running joke between us that my tech skills are, in a word, lacking.

Needless to say, I’m learning with you.

We both realized that if I’m going through this, than other older journalists are as well thus NewsTechZilla started to form in our minds. I know news in my day job and blogging. Sadcox knows technology and blogging. What if two different people were to blog about questions that journalists might have, focusing on changing media and highlighting the shaky world of news.

Our plans are to write about what we know, what we want to learn and hopefully be a guide for other journalists trying to be viable in new markets. There is some fantastic information out in the blogosphere that we will spotlight all in one convenient location. We wanted to also be more than an aggregator of the beast combining news and technology, thus the name NewsTechZilla.

Send us your questions, items that you might think would be of value and even if your aren’t in journalism, we wish to be of assistance. If we don’t know the answer, we will try to find it.

Contact us Newscoma or Sadcox for more information regarding NewsTechZilla.

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