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Mark Zuckerberg Says It’s Complicated. No Kidding Sherlock

Tweet Here’s the rundown from several sites around on Facebook’s Terms of Use new policy. A statement from Facebook. From Mark Zuckerberg. A couple of weeks ago, we updated our terms of use to clarify a few points for our users. A number of people have raised questions about our changes, so I’d like to […]

My Journalism Stimulus Package

Tweet By Kirk Varner (Crossposted with permission from Kirk Varner at Out of the Newsroom) A brief preamble: The following is an idea. It’s not necessarily a great idea, though some might think it is. Others will think that it is stupid and completely unworkable. Fair enough. But these days, maybe another stupid idea is […]

New Ways To Deliver The News

Tweet Angela Dice discusses an innovative way to share news costs through different news organizations on Wired Journalists. So, here’s what I think might be the start of something that could work: A site that pulls in links, stories, etc. via RSS feeds from a group of newspapers and bloggers who’ve all agreed to the […]

The Digital Gap and Weekly Newspapers

Tweet So you’re a weekly newspaper publisher and you produce a quality newspaper product with original local news and a vibrant editorial page. Your ongoing efforts and commitment have allowed you to control your local news market.  Readers respect you and look to you for the facts – they want you to act as a […]

Buried In A Sea Of E-mails

Tweet By John Carney Am I the only small-town newspaper person swamped with useless e-mail? I imagine I’m not. The Shelbyville Times-Gazette is a daily (Sunday-Friday) newspaper serving a rural community in southern Middle Tennessee. We’re pretty locally-oriented, and most of what we run that isn’t directly connected to Bedford County comes either from AP […]

Music In Nonfiction: Crutch Or Crucial?

Tweet By Christopher Ave I  was talking to a colleague not long ago about potentially adding music to a journalistic photo slideshow. “I think music is too often used as a crutch,” he said, suggesting that perhaps a recent video about a juggler might have been a more appropriate project for background music. Is he […]

Community Blogs May be the Newspapers of the Future

Tweet By Kathy Tyson Nashville. The appeal of bright lights, big city brought my family here more than five years ago, but instead of moving into the metro area we opted for a neighboring town. Homes were more affordable and we could get an acre or two to stretch our legs, get a dog, and […]

While The One Man Band Played On

Tweet By Kirk Varner With the budget slashing and staff decimations that have hit newsrooms all across the land as 2008 has ended and 2009 has begun, there has been a lot of nervously toned chatter about the rise of the near-mythical “One Man Band” as a panacea to all of the industry’s problems. One […]

Create a killer resume (whether you need one or not)!

Tweet By Marivic Valencia There are countless resources available on the preparation, format and components of a professional resume. Most would agree that you need to include the basics: Name, Address, Contact Info, your ‘Objective” and your “Qualifications” followed by job and education history. Some people include references, others don’t; at the very least you […]

The Elephant In The Room By Mike Sechrist

Tweet Anyone doubting the negative effects of the internet and the nation’s economic meltdown on our local media needs to look no further than Nashville’s Tennessean. The once hefty and satisfyingly readable metropolitan newspaper is now a mere shadow of itself, its size and bulk no more than that of a neighborhood throwaway. Not as […]


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