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Courier-Journal’s Hand-Drawn Cover

Tweet How groovy is this? Today’s Courier-Journal, a Gannett daily newspaper out of Louisville, KY, is a work of art – literally. The front page of today’s edition sports a hand-drawn cover produced by Turkish conceptual artist Serkan Ozkaya, a replica of the real front page (which appears on A3). “We are in the business […]

What Is Your Definition Of Social Media?

Tweet The question of the day is I’d like to hear from our readers their definition of social media. I keep hearing different definitions, and I find that a lot of people are utilizing the term, social media strategist, as their job description. What is your definition of social media and what do you think […]

Nothing’s Changed But The Changes

Tweet If you’re a regular visitor to NewsTechZilla, you probably noticed that we’ve changed out look a little recently. You may be wondering why. Well, did you see our old layout? Did you like it better than this one? Really? It’s ok if you didn’t care much for it–neither did we. When Trace and I […]

Basic Rules Of Citizen Journalism

Tweet By Trace Sharp One thing I hear from new bloggers who are interested in focusing on their communities or “citizen journalism” for lack of a better term is ‘How do I do it?’ It’s a very good question. First of all, blogging is not going to replace traditional journalism. And the lines are fuzzy […]

The Unthinkable

Tweet Clay Shirky has an analysis of how news organizations did not anticipate the Internet. According to Shirky, some of the groundwork of how news utilized the Internet started with a teenager who loved Dave Barry and started sending it to other fans on a mailing list. This history he gives with the very detailed […]

Twittering A Home Invasion

Tweet This may be one of the most incredible stories of Twitter I’ve read. A San Francisco Technology writer named Dave Prager twittered a break in to his home. The results were interesting. “Maybe I should lock my door – I swear a random dude just walked into my bathroom and I can’t believe I […]

Finding The Business Model For Online News

Tweet By Trace Sharp The biggest news of the week probably is the online conversation that news outlets are contemplating charging for their online content. This is not a new concept and has been discussed repeatedly for years, but the issue is finding a business model that works. The industry has to contemplate selling their […]

Anonymous Commenters On Trial

Tweet By Trace Sharp The issue of anonymous commenters on news web sites has hit the courtroom in Knoxville. The issue has brought up a lot of discussion on and off line about the right to remain anonymous. Katie Allison Granju and I agree on this subject. The online comments on media web sites – […]

Who’s Watching The Watchdogs?

Tweet By Dan Conover Goose a few newspaper journalists these days and they’re likely to exclaim something about why Americans should care about saving their industry. And it’s likely to sound something like this: “Without us protecting the public as investigative watchdogs, government corruption is going to run amok!” Which might be a compelling point, […]

Facebook Backs Down After Public Outcry

Tweet It appears that the folks at Facebook are backing down after a public beating on the Terms of Service policy. CNET breaks it down on why this might be happening. Facing a federal complaint from a leading privacy advocacy organization and a revolt of tens of thousands of its users, Facebook on Tuesday night […]


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