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I’ve worked in news off and on since 1985, starting out as a disc jockey in country radio. Over the years I’ve taken a few breaks from news working as a program coordinator for a community action agency in Tennessee that covered 13 counties in the west side of the state.

My news experience started as a news director at Thunderbolt Broadcasting in west Tennessee. I left that job to start my own pop culture magazine. Although I’m no longer affiliated with the magazine, it is still going strong.

I’ve been writing editorials and news stories since 1993 with a focus on rural politics and lifestyles. I have been the managing editor of the Weakley County Press, a bi-weekly located in Martin, Tn for the past five years. I began blogging as a creative expression that I wasn’t allowed in delivering traditional new at Newscoma.

I’m also known to be a critic of how some traditional news organizations and journalists who do not realize that citizen journalists are the new norm in the changing market of news delivery. Not everyone, but there is still a hesitancy among “old school” print publishers.

I am hoping that Sadcox can teach me some new things because I’m an old dog learning new tricks. I have also been a guest blogger at Nashville is Talking, a regular correspondent for PopFi, and I focused on new media at Music City Bloggers.

I think blogging is the new frontier.

About Sadcox:

First of all, let me state that I have no news experience whatsoever. None. However, I am a news junkie when I have time to be. Maybe that makes me uniquely qualified to talk about news, or maybe not. Dunno.

My experience comes from a lot of years doing stuff online. The first website I built was back in 1995, and I spent a lot of years piecing stuff together myself long before there were really cool tools like WordPress that make publishing so easy. So I have a unique appreciation for the ease with which we’re able to share information these days, and I LOVE that people are becoming empowered to share what they know and experience.

I currently run several websites on various publishing platforms, and over the last two years have spent a lot of time learning all I can about blogging and the new media–internet marketing, search engine optimization, social networking, all the underlying technology, etc. My hope is that I can condense all this down to what you need most and give you resources to find out more, all within the context of news and journalism.

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