Twitter Changing The Way It ReTweets

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twitter-tTechCrunch has some details of the changes we can expect to see to the mechanics of the ReTweet and even has some screen shots of how this could look on Twitter (the site):

From the looks of it, this could mean some pretty big changes on Twitter. As you can see in the mock-ups above and below, the retweet (written as “RT” in most tweets) is no longer a part of the actual tweet itself, but rather is a link below the tweet.

Now…how many people are actually using Twitter (the site) most of the time? Most people I know use Twitter (the service) with a client like TweetDeck, Seesmic, or apps on their mobile phones. All of these came about because Twitter (the site), well, kinda sucks.

They definitely need to beef up their web site with some features to get people to actually use it, but has that ship already sailed?

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  1. Backroadsnews said August 14, 2009 | Permalink

    The first thing I tell people to do when they get on Twitter is to download and use Tweetdeck instead of the Twitter web site. I feel like I’ve lost more potential Twitter friends who never made it past the stupid web site and gave up on Twitter.


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