The Separation

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There has to be one if you are a journalist.

John Robinson explains why:

I suspect every editor can tell stories about conversations with newsmakers who attempt to use their access and perceived friendship to influence coverage, which, predictably, turns out to be negative. I certainly can. I have also worked with editors who loved the access to newsmakers and being on the inside.They have said that it gets us stories we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

But more often, I saw how that has influenced news coverage for the worse.

Let’s break it down a bit more. Politicians will placate a journalist (and now bloggers too) so it’s best to remember that the job comes first, the public interest is the most important thing and sometimes elected officials don’t like that you have to do your job.

Just saying.

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  1. lkm said July 26, 2009 | Permalink

    journalists may pay more attention to thoughts that show the thinker is paying attention – i.e., knows how to spell “Separation.”
    Or, maybe, this is a pun i’m not getting

  2. Chuck Wilson said July 27, 2009 | Permalink

    Correct spelling for (Seperation) is Separation–It’s a copy editor thing. Even spell check should catch this.

    Point two: Avoiding outside influence on reporting is basic journalistic ethics. It should be a no-brainer.

  3. Trace Sharp said July 27, 2009 | Permalink

    Nope, you guys were right. I had a typo. Thanks for letting me know.


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