Some Hilarious Stuff on AP’s DRM

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The AP has released some info on its new “protection” system–not sure what exactly they are trying to protect us from.

From CrunchGear:

This same system, as you recall, has prevented the rise of piracy in the music and movie arenas and must be applied to the written word before the Internet fails and we all resort to getting our news from “prophets” who will line major thoroughfares opining on things they believe happened, whether or not they are true. In short, we’ll be stuck with cable news pundits.

Even funnier is the graphic that leads the post. If you’re easily offended by curse words you may want to skip it.

However, if you are offended by the AP’s attitude towards bloggers and everyone who isn’t the AP, it’s a must read.

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  1. Michael Silence said July 29, 2009 | Permalink

    I think I just wet my pants!

  2. Scott Adcox said July 29, 2009 | Permalink

    Wow. A comment AND a link from Michael Silence…that’s just unheard of.



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