BNO’s Plan To Monetize As An Aggregator

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This may ruffle just a few feathers *cough* AP *cough*. Breaking News Online is releasing an iPhone app ($1.99) and plans to charge a $.99 per month subscription fee to use it.

The company is going to monetize its research flow, editorial judgment, distribution channels…and links to other peoples’ content. If BNO is successful, there is a real risk of original content publishers objecting to the fact that someone else has found a way to make money off of (links sending traffic to) their content.

You got that? They aren’t chasing down and checking facts. They aren’t writing any stories. They aren’t selling to advertisers. They are monetizing the editorial judgment and distribution.

How can they do that? I think this may be the answer…

“Unlike their mainstream counterparts the service does a great job of only reporting news worthy of the ‘breaking’ label. I can attest to this as well as their ability to deliver breaking news before anyone else. I have found them to consistently report news 10-15 minutes before it hits mainstream websites or blogs and well before it is ever reported on TV.”

I applaud them for thinking outside the box. But this is probably going to make some people mad.

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