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Trace isn’t going to mention it here, but something happened over the last couple of days that we’d be silly not to recognize. She broke a national story over at her own blog, Newscoma.

The details of the story, the discussion over the issues, etc.–we’ll leave that over to her blog where it belongs. In fact, there are already over one hundred comments on her post along with several trackbacks from other bloggers who have linked to it, so there’s no need in rehashing any of that here.

What I think we should recognize here is that Trace is actually out there doing all of the things that we talk about here. She’s walking the walk. Without working for a newspaper, she broke a story (a big one) on her very own site. And other people are doing this every day too.

Have there been some instances of big media outlets stealing her thunder a little bit? Sure there have. That was pointed out yesterday as well. But there has also been recognition for her by some bigger media outlets too. And this is just one story. What if she breaks another one in the next week or month?

Just one person.

It can be done! Trace is doing it! It’s great to see! And on a personal note, I’m very proud of her for pulling it off! I’m sure there are plenty of papers in her area who would love to have broken a story like that!

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