Google, SEOs, and “Intent”

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Here’s a great post by Lisa Barone about what appears to be SEO profiling by Google. Apparently, Google decides whether or not bids to generate links and promote a site are “paid links” based on the intent of the person who started the viral conversation. Who decides the intent? Google of course.

And it’s pretty subjective. According to Barone, it’s basically profiling. And she has some advice for the Big G:

Google, you need to stop with the intent card. You have NO WAY of determining someone else’s thoughts. You don’t know the face of evil. You never did. And these days, that face of evil that you’re looking so hard for is YOU as you continue to push your way through the Web intimidating webmasters, applying double standards, and playing the game of misdirection.

Like I’ve said before, SEO with Google is a lot like NASCAR. They own the game (the index)  and make up the rules as they choose. If you want to play the game, you are at their mercy for now.

Right or wrong? I’ll let you decide.

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