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Want to hear a really weird reason why a newspaper could have trouble generating revenue online? Deleting content could possibly do that to you

The Web sites of the two newspapers merged about a month ago, with the archives of the IHT being consumed into The NY Times. Consumed is the operative word because rather than remaining live and being readily available, the archives were erased in the move. As a result, Thomas Crampton’s journalistic career at the IHT has been wiped from existence.

You would think it goes without saying, but content is the valuable commodity here. You don’t see Wendy’s and McDonald’s throwing out perfectly good french fries do you?

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  1. Ron said May 15, 2009 | Permalink

    Why am I not surprised that the NYT can’t get this web content thing right. They also asked the IHT staff to donate their unused vacation days and/or 5% of their salaries to avoid layoffs.

  2. lovable liberal said May 16, 2009 | Permalink

    A long tail for search engines drives traffic, too. What this says is that they don’t know enough to attract eyeballs to the ads that still pay the bills.


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