‘My Future Collapse Around Me’

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Hilary Lehman writes of watching her future at a newspaper during very dark times.

My internship at the Herald was not, in many ways, ideal.
Four weeks into my internship, the next round of newsroom layoffs was announced. Three weeks later, they were implemented.
Those three weeks were tense and quiet. The silence was the most unnerving. A few rumors swirled, but nothing like what you would expect from a room full of journalists.
People talked about furloughs and discussed privately whose jobs they thought were in trouble.
Then the layoffs came, and everyone from secretaries to editors were crying in the bathroom.
Being an intern during that time was draining. I wasn’t completely a spectator, but I wasn’t participating either.
My job wasn’t at stake, and my career wasn’t on the line. As an editor darkly noted later, I didn’t even take a pay cut.
But I was watching my future collapse around me.
We are in a time of change. What we knew and what we are looking at are two very different things.
I sometimes feel the same way Hilary does, but my fingers are crossed.

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