Leveraging Twitter With Tweetmeme

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If you haven’t heard about Tweetmeme yet, chances are you will soon–like right now. In fact you can see evidence on this page–that little “Retweet This” button is provided by Tweetmeme.

I’ll give you the high points. Tweetmeme is a service that’s sort of like Digg in that it allows you to “vote” for a web page and keeps up with these votes. The twist is that it also actually tweets the page. It uses Twitter’s OAuth to authenticate your account and increments the Tweetmeme count on the page you’re reading.

This is good for readers because it gives you an easy way to share pages.

But it’s huge for content producers because it makes it easy for your readers to get your content in front of people with whom they’ve built authority–their Twitter followers.

mobile_versionMuch like Digg, Tweetmeme features the most popular pages being tweeted on its front page. It also breaks tweets down by subject automatically. Idea for journalists or bloggers looking for a story: go to Tweetmeme and see what people are reading about right now.

We just added the Tweetmeme button to our pages yesterday (there’s a WordPress plugin), and I’m interested to see how it affects our traffic. Currently we get about 10% of our traffic from Twitter, and that is largely dependent on our posting frequency. At the very least, this should make it easier for our readers to share our posts on Twitter, and hopefully it will help them increase traffic on their own sites as well!

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