Is Twitter Really Killing RSS?

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I saw this TechCrunch article (in my RSS reader) and found it very entertaining.

Gillmor makes some good points, and even if you don’t agree that it’s over for RSS, it’s well-written and humorous. About Twitter:

There, RSS items are fed into aggregators and husked for their behavioral signals, packaged as Tweets and sold for pennies on the whuffie dollar. The mainstream media, once cowed by the fulltexters, now masquerades as blog sites and competes for shortened URLs alongside the bloggers they deride under their breath.

twitter-overloadPersonally, I don’t think Twitter will kill RSS, but it’s definitely changing the way I use it. I’ve trimmed down the number of feeds I subscribe to, and don’t hit my reader as often as I used to, but the trouble with depending on Twitter it’s too easy to miss things if you aren’t online all the time.

That’s why I’m still subscribed to quite a few feeds. But instead of some that I may read I’ve reduced it to the ones that I will read.

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  1. Cathy McCaughan said May 6, 2009 | Permalink

    I unfollow the blogwhores who use Twitter primarily to link to their posts. Once in a while is great. Linking to other people’s stuff is better. Tweeting a link to every single thing you do is spam. Case in point: I unfollowed the KNS Twitter after one too many mornings of giant linkdumps from them.

  2. Scott Adcox said May 6, 2009 | Permalink

    @Cathy I think most blogs (like this one) are aware of that kind of thing and fix it by setting up Twitter accounts that are for the blog only…sort of like an RSS feed for Twitter.

    One of my blogs sends out Tweets to my personal Twitter account as well, but I think the ratio of blog-post-tweets to other-tweets there is probably something like 1/100, so it’s not so bad (I hope).

    I’d like to see news organizations use Twitter not as an RSS replacement, but to send out breaking news on big stories.

  3. Navin S said January 29, 2010 | Permalink


    No, Twitter wouldn’t be kill RSS.

    RSS has its own benefits.


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