Do Journalists Deserve Low Pay?

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Did the headline grab you to? When I saw Robert G. Picard’s post titled “Why Journalists Deserve Low Pay“, it grabbed me. Remember it’s just a headline…it’s meant to grab your attention. Although you may expect this to be a hit piece on journalism, it’s actually an economic explanation of where we are and what needs to change to bring more economic value to journalism. It covers many of the same topics we talk about here.

Today all this value is being severely challenged by technology that is “de-skilling” journalists. It is providing individuals – without the support of a journalistic enterprise – the capabilities to access sources, to search through information and determine its significance, and to convey it effectively.

Take a deep breath, count to ten, erase the headline from your mind, and read this article. You may gain some insight from it!

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  1. Trace said May 20, 2009 | Permalink

    You grabbed my attention. 😉

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  1. “Do journalist deserve low pay?” Un título caústico pero un ensayo interesante


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