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Copyblogger’s post this morning is a good one.

Steve Errey writes:

At some point somebody’s going to have something to say about something you’ve written, and you might not like it.

Your first reaction could be any one of these:

“Why is everyone smarter than me?” or “That’s it, I’m quitting,” or even… “I’m gonna find out where you live and head over to deliver a boot full of whoop-ass.”

Criticism comes with the territory when you put your work out there for people to read, so you’d better figure out ways to handle it confidently so that it doesn’t send you into a spiral of hurt or anger.

Here are my top 5.

Now, go read his top five. I’ll wait.

With that said, since I started writing back in the day, and started blogging a few years ago, I have found that everyone has an opinion.

First of all, I’m told to blog more about politics. Then I’m told that politics bores the rest of my readers. Then, as I have always had an affection for Weekly World News, I’m told I’m too silly. When I write about being an aunt, a businesswoman and other personal sides to my life, I’m told I’m too serious.

Some people will give some great advice, but if you have someone giving constant negative feedback, the best thing to do is let it slide off your back.

My suggestion is simple. Blog about what you want to blog about. Your dog is funny and it inspires you, blog it. You have a family that you love and you are making an online chronicle of their adventures, blog it.  You like to explore the whimsy of life, blog it. You have a health blog about women, blog it. You love your community and want it to grow, blog it.

Here is the best thing you can do. Remember, you are doing this for yourself as much as anything else. If you want a large audience, you need to listen to folks and follow blogs like CopyBlogger who give great advice. If you just want to have fun with your blog, don’t let negative criticism get under your skin. At this point, there really aren’t any rules as long as you don’t commit slander.

Comments and the joy of building your vision in front of an audience is just gravy.

And, yes, I took this picture in a juke joint because it pleased me and I specifically took it to put on my personal blog.

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