April 2009

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Google News Timeline – Visual News Rerpresentation

Tweet Want to see a cool blend of news and technology? Check out the Google News Timeline, which was demo’d at Googlelabs Press Event today. Very cool visual representation of news over time. Here comes the future. I can’t wait to play with this. TechCrunch has more

The Scorched Earth Campaign

Tweet S-Town Mike breaks the Associated Press’ recent antics down. Segments of the mainstream media are obviously bent on turning the demise of their industry in to a witch-hunt, conducting a scorched earth campaign that even hurts their own. Rather than being reactionary, the AP needs to pause and develop constructive strategies for adapting to […]

Is Twitter Doomed?

Tweet Is Twitter doomed now that it’s gone mainstream? — As Ashton Kutcher becomes the first to collect 1 million followers on Twitter and Oprah Winfrey sends out her first tweet, tech observers are debating: Does Friday mark a new peak for the microblogging service? Or the beginning of its demise? Personally, I don’t think […]

‘It’s Because I’m Listening’

Tweet From Summer Huggins at Hammock: Statesman editors witnessed the power of social media during Hurricane Ike in September 2008. Robert created a Twitter account specifically for tracking the hurricane, an account that also pointed followers to the Statesman‘s coverage of the storm online, generating more than 300,000 hits from Twitter alone. Robert joked that […]

And The Blood Flows …

Tweet Chris Davis writes about the perceptions of the deaths of newspapers. When writing about the death of daily newspapers, daily newspapers usually like to blame things like the Internet, increasing aliteracy, and a loss of advertising resulting from the latest economic downturn. The complaints aren’t entirely without merit but are generally stated in a […]

Intern #3 Writes Of His Time At KNS

Tweet This is an incredible farewell written by student intern Evan Hill who has been spending time at the Knoxville News Sentinel. He writes on the blog, This Is How We Roll, about what he has learned and what is next. My questions of myself were specific. What do I have to offer journalism? How […]

Print Media Gets A Lifeline

Tweet Now that’s just funny. H/T to Christian Grantham

The Collectors

Tweet Paul Chenoweth talks about a phenomenon he calls The Collectors. My original premise stands… the “Collector” phenomena warrants exploration. There are numerous subcultures and patterns that have evolved in the short history of social networks…this is one. You may choose to join the ranks of collectors. You may choose to ignore the piper’s flute. […]

Hyperlocal Web Sites Deliver News

Tweet But according to the New York Times, they deliver news without delivering news. The Grey Lady also thinks these sites are an untapped market. Of course, like traditional media, the hyperlocal sites have to find a way to bring in sufficient revenue to support their business. And so far, they have had only limited […]

Courier-Journal’s Hand-Drawn Cover

Tweet How groovy is this? Today’s Courier-Journal, a Gannett daily newspaper out of Louisville, KY, is a work of art – literally. The front page of today’s edition sports a hand-drawn cover produced by Turkish conceptual artist Serkan Ozkaya, a replica of the real front page (which appears on A3). “We are in the business […]


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