Mixed Reviews For Redesigned FriendFeed

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Some folks like it, while others don’t.

C-Net explains:

From what it looks like, the fresh, real-time streaming redesign of social aggregator FriendFeed is getting some accolades from already-avid users–but might not sway the masses.

Among existing FriendFeed loyalists, it doesn’t look like there’s much dissent about the redesign, which is currently available as a beta test. An “anti-FriendFeed beta version” group hasn’t gotten much traction. But on Twitter, which some people see as a FriendFeed complement and others as a competitor, opinions were much more mixed.

FriendFeed is one of those platforms I use but I’m not obsessive about. I can find some great stuff on there and I do have a feed on my personal blog with things that I’m “sharing” on FriendFeed but that I want to spotlight but I don’t have time to actually post.

I think eventually, as it happens many times with redesigns, that it will become enmeshed for users and then we will move on to the next thing.

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