Journalists: Drink Alcohol

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Jessica gives advice at Journalism Rants and Raves on things to consider if you are in the news business.

#1: Drink Alcohol.

Big newspapers are not always better than small newspapers, but they are usually more tolerable places to work. The most important thing to look at in any prospective employer is its track record. Unlike mutual funds, a newspaper’s recent performance is a reliable indicator of its future potential. But wherever you go, do not expect happiness. It stinks everywhere.

Everyone in the newspaper industry will offer you advice. Most of it is useless, however, since success in newspapers has less to do with effort or talent than it does with fate and circumstance. Advice is a form of catharsis. Dispensing it enables journalists to connect with a captive audience in a way they never could with readers.

But trust me on the alcohol.

The entire post is extremely funny.

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