‘It’s Because I’m Listening’

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From Summer Huggins at Hammock:

Statesman editors witnessed the power of social media during Hurricane Ike in September 2008. Robert created a Twitter account specifically for tracking the hurricane, an account that also pointed followers to the Statesman‘s coverage of the storm online, generating more than 300,000 hits from Twitter alone. Robert joked that those numbers got him a “play-on-Twitter-free pass” with his bosses. Since then, Robert has used Twitter to engage with followers and readers to create real-time weather maps and cute-dog galleries and to work directly with the community on breaking news stories.

Why the success?

“It’s because I’m listening,” Robert says.

Summer is writing about the “Old Media Rises From the Dead.” Sponsored by Austin’s Social Media Club, it combined several media outlets and offered a panel discussion on adapting news to a social media shift.

This is key. Today on Twitter, we see celebrities vying for followers but how many people do they follow. Same goes for some, not all, news organizations.

The most important thing in social media is the conversation. Journalists, public relations people, businesses or even politicians will garner loyalty if the participate in the conversation.

Her post is a must read.

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