Intern #3 Writes Of His Time At KNS

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This is an incredible farewell written by student intern Evan Hill who has been spending time at the Knoxville News Sentinel.

He writes on the blog, This Is How We Roll, about what he has learned and what is next.

My questions of myself were specific. What do I have to offer journalism? How can I turn whatever ability I have into a concrete body of work beyond my vague theory and idealistic desires?

It’s not that I don’t have an idea of the big picture for journalism either. To me, it’s really still the same as it ever was; Watch the government, report objective information relevant to a given audience, and do this in a way that highlights exactly what it means to be human at this point in history. Oh, and sell enough ads today so you can afford to drive to work and do the same thing tomorrow. I always forget that last part because it used to seem so distasteful, but it’s actually started to grow on me. I, along with everyone else, feared that the necessity, and recent inability to make money would either end the employment of good journalists altogether, or make the tenets of journalism an afterthought.

My questions for journalism were then also specific. How exactly can this industry survive? Is it possible to make money doing online journalism? Will online journalism ever reach the level of integrity that print has?

My time in the newsroom gave me answers that were a pleasant surprise. Personally I learned that I wasn’t too bad at this video reporter thing, at least for a novice. Of course I owe anything I know to the people I worked with. I’ve always thought of video as secondary to the written word. I’ve started to realize the potential of video and other multimedia to do things writing can’t.

It was the answer to the big questions about journalism’s future that brought me the most satisfaction. I know journalism will survive.

An amazing post and I recommend you reading the whole thing.

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