How Much Is Twitter Worth?

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From TechCrunch:

Would Google pay more than $1 billion for Twitter? No idea. But there’s no way Microsoft lets a deal be negotiated without putting its bid in, too. And if these two giants see Twitter as the future of search, $1 billion is peanuts.

twitter_fail_whaleIt seems to me that “user driven” search (search by recommendation) is definitely the future, but is Twitter the best option? Maybe so, for now. Twitter’s still relatively “authentic”, although that’s changing daily.

I understand Twitter’s posturing to get a high bid by saying they want to  “build a profitable, independent company“, but let’s get real. You can only be the “latest-and-greatest-next-big-thing” for so long. Then something later, greater, bigger, and nexter will replace your buzz.

If I’ve got a stake in Twitter, I’m spending this weekend looking for medium sized tropical islands I can buy while real estate prices are low.

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  1. Ron said April 3, 2009 | Permalink

    If I were the Twitterati and someone offered me $100 million after tax cash for my creation, I’d sell in a heartbeat. Like you said, the next big thing only lasts so long, and in these fickle times, you have to cash out when you can get it.

  2. Scott said April 4, 2009 | Permalink

    With you Ron–I’d probably be looking to sell to a coworker for pennies on the dollar.


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