The Pitfalls Of Social Media

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Ginger Snaps writes of how social media was distorting and confusing about this week’s death of Natasha Richardson.

However, Richardson’s story at first seemed it would have a happy ending.  Reports were that she had gotten right back up and was laughing, but had later complained of a headache, and simply went to the hospital to get checked out.

I definitely learned a lesson about the pitfalls of New Media as I got caught up in the constant updates on the web (via Twitter Search) with various sources claiming she was brain dead, then no she wasn’t, then she had died, wait a minute it was only an induced coma to reduce brain swelling…and so on.   Finally, I closed my laptop and went to bed, because it was obvious the family did not want to release a statement to the public last night, and honestly, we simply didn’t need to know.

This is where social media starts a conversation but the lines get blurred on what is really happening, what isn’t and when it gets out of control. In the past, we would stand around the wire waiting to see what was going to happen next. Now, as everyone has ‘the wire’ this is what happens when word gets out that something big is going on.

And there are times the information, a conversation really, isn’t always on top of the story. Ginger got that.

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