March 2009

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Newspapers Will Get Rescued?

Tweet It’s on the table now: Cardin’s Newspaper Revitalization Act would allow newspapers to operate as nonprofits for educational purposes under the U.S. tax code, giving them a similar status to public broadcasting companies. Interesting.

Breaking News: Twitter

Tweet Has Twitter found a way to make money? It looks like Twitter is slowly developing a way to make money, based upon its popularity and usage : ExecTweets. ExecTweets is a Twitter powered page that pulls in a collection of posts, or “tweets,” written by corporate executives, and features branding from Microsoft. ExecTweets is […]

31 Days To Get Better At Blogging

Tweet Darren Rowse from ProBlogger is going to teach you how: The Idea The idea behind this is simply to have a group of bloggers setting aside a month of their time to work at improving their blogs. While we all want to have better blogs sometimes it becomes one of those things that we’re […]

Yes, He Called It Ivory Tower Crap

Tweet From Michael Silence’s blog yesterday: Other McCain takes the notions to the woodshed – several times: Has it ever crossed your mind that if newspapers are declining and blogs are growing, then the practicioners of failure ought not take a lecturing tone with the practicioners of success? Here’s the editorial that is seriously lacking […]

Granju Moves On

Tweet Katie Allison Granju, who is a televangelist for the online movement in many ways, has a shiny new job with Ackermann PR. Katie Allison Granju is joining us full-time as Director of Social Media, and I am convinced that we have snagged the most knowledgeable person in the region relative to this emerging area.  Katie […]

Bringing Two Ideas Together

Tweet Bringing the citizen voice into traditional media is the thought process behind a post at The FastForward Blog. Of course most young people are very experienced users of social media. Much more experienced that most of the folks at KETC. BUT what we know how to do very well is to Tell a story […]

What Are We Saving Here?

Tweet From The Nation: The Internet and blogosphere, too, depend in large part on “old media” to do original journalism. Web links still refer readers mostly to stories that first appeared in print. Even in more optimistic scenarios, no one has a business model to sustain digital journalism beyond a small number of self-supporting services. […]

Internet Newsletter Gets Media Status in Court

Tweet More blurring of the lines between new and traditional media: In finding that the group met the requirements for a fee-waiver, the Court found that FedCure’s internet activities (a sporadically published newsletter, and answers to requests on a Yahoo discussion group) met the requirement as a representative of the news media. HT Michael Silence

In The Year 2020

Tweet Dan talks about his predictions about the news business: A client looking to invest in media asked me earlier this month for advice on what might replace failing newspapers. My response? There are plenty of interesting ideas in play, but the first meaningful test won’t come until a major American city loses its only […]

Where I Sigh Deeply

Tweet Jake Tapper notes on his Facebook page that, “Obama will attend Nat’l Newspaper Publisher Assn reception today at WH to receive Newsmaker of the Year award. NO PRESS ALLOWED.” Katie Allison Granju


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