Compiling An Online Toolbox

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In our never-ending journey for some of us who are old dogs trying to learn new tricks, I realized that there are some things from a tech perspective I do utilize. I was sitting with friends last week, and I was going through a bag I carry around.

One of the guys I was with said that I needed a toolbox as I searched for my wallet, brought out a camera, a tripod, three bundled up cords going to my computer, an iShuffle, a Blackberry, two reporters notebooks and a small recorder from my bag.

This isn’t unusual, but dude was wrong about one thing and that is I already have a toolbox.

Organization is nearly impossible, but I’m attempting to work on it. The issue is that I’m now compiling what I need as my online box of tricks.

My biggest challenge with online endeavors is not my toolbox, because I use most of the things I listed everyday for my day job (which, usually gets very busy this time of year and where I need everything that I listed. The iShuffle is the equivalent of a high-powered narcotic when I want to check out for a little while.)

My biggest challenges still lie with the things that Scott and I discussed as we began this blog in January. Although I’ve learned some things, there are always new issues that boggle my mind.

Let’s take the issue of those small things that become big obstacles in our minds. For me, every time I update my personal blog at Newscoma, I lose the option for mandatory comments. It’s a small thing, but it is something that I must learn to fix, but I haven’t mastered it. I can cover a fire or a car wreck with ease, but that little piece of code perplexes me. It’s something I end of relying on Scott’s vast knowledge for.

And, as this is a 101 blog, those are things for novices that can create complete frustration. One small piece of information that does not come natural.

My suggestion is that you think about what is already in your tool box and that you are comfortable with. And, then systematically looking at those little things that frustrate you in your online life that you know you need to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be up front with what you know and what you don’t know.

And then challenge yourself to learn it.

Now: next learning curve for me is to learn how to operate this brand new, confounded Blackberry Storm. Apparently it also slices, dices and can teach me how to dance the samba, but I haven’t figure that one out either.

The best word of advice is what I give to myself: Don’t be afraid to screw something up as that is how you will learn to do it next time. Scott has to remind me this constantly.

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