Where Do You Get Your News?

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Klaus Holzapfel gives a comprehensive list about communication vs. journalism. This is a list of all lists.

Blogs and micro-blogs have greatly enhanced my communication: I can reach out, I can share, comment, learn etc.

Here is what they can’t do:

They will not replace papers and magazines as my #1 resource of information.

NewsTechZilla has asked it before and we will ask it again which is the same question Klaus asks.

Where are getting your news from?

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  1. Megan said February 10, 2009 | Permalink

    First and foremost I get my news from Twitter. It’s the main outside source I’m connected to during the day, and even if I only check it twice in 8 hours, chances are I will find out about breaking news on Twitter first.

    If it’s something that I want more information on, usually after I read about it on Twitter I will 1. go to CNN.com, and if that doesn’t have sufficient info I will Google the event and look for online newspapers from the local town where the event is happening.

    I never watch local or network news (except The Daily Show, if that counts), and I never, ever read print newspapers anymore. Ever.

  2. Lisa Scheid said February 10, 2009 | Permalink

    Where I get my news depends on what kind of news –

    About Friends and family and acquaintances – facebook.com
    About my schools, town, community – local newspaper site, sometimes newspaper depending on the time

    About the world, nation – cable news at night and a.m. I flip through cnn, fox, msnbc.

    About my special interests and for surprising interesting things I wouldn’t search out – I have a feed reader that pulls in blogs that comment on and aggregate links to newspaper, magazine and specialty web sites.

    I do this all day because I sit at a computer. At night and a.m., the tether isn’t so strong so my iPod touch works for crucial surfing to facebook and blogs.

    Am I normal or abnormal?

  3. Scott Adcox said February 10, 2009 | Permalink

    I really don’t think there is a “normal” anymore. As a kid, I remember the newspaper and the nightly news…that was it. Now there are so many options–local papers, national papers, the online versions of both, blogs, Twitter, etc.–and it is a mix of everything for most of us.

  4. Gary said February 12, 2009 | Permalink

    Occasionally I’ll scan a newspaper. I used to get the local weekly free, but since my subscription ran out I look at the pdf they send out (it’s for subscribers only, but they haven’t discontinued my access). It takes all of five minutes. I check CNN and CSmonitor for news online, as well as checking twitter. (Twitter was first on the storms in Oklahoma and Middle TN). Lots of blogs through Google. I check digg regularly. I also still spend a lot of time listening to NPR and 3x week listen to local talk radio until my blood pressure forces me to turn it off.


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