What The Numbers Are Trying to Tell You

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Being a guy and a nerd, I’m really into tools, and tech tools especially. I’ve mentioned a couple of times here how much I love analyzing web data and how cool all the tools are that allow this to happen. But I sometimes make the mistake of getting lost in what the data says and miss what it means.

I was talking to a friend last Wednesday night (really late), and NTZ came up. It was really interesting to get his perspective on what we’re doing here because he’s neither a tech guy or a journalist. He’s just a guy who likes what we’re doing. He was giving me some really good insight on NTZ from the outside, and when I went back and checked the data…this guy was dead on right!

Now, what makes this even more interesting is that he was echoing a lot of the things Trace talked about from the very beginning of NTZ. I’m talking way back…like 2 or 3 months ago. Most of it goes back to something Trace talked about last Friday on Christian’s Morning Browser–sticking to the story of the site.

My friend was telling me, actually confirming to me, that the story is why people continue to read. It was great to hear that from an outside perspective, and it’s something we want to continue to focus on here. We have a couple of new ideas in the works that we hope will help us tell our story!

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