Rumors Of Stephen King And Kindle Launch

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CrunchGear is reporting a rumor that author Stephen King MAY be assisting the launch of a Kindle exclusive today.

Later today in NYC, Amazon is expected to unveil the K2 (we’ve known this since 1/27, but welcome to the party WSJ) and with it an exclusive Stephen King novel, says the WSJ. There isn’t a whole lot else about this supposed King deal, so we’ll have to wait until the press conference at 10AM today. I hope King shows up so I can kick him in the shins for the countless hours of sleep I lost as a child because of “It.”

It wasn’t “It” that got me as a kid. It was “The Stand.”


We’ll see if this is just a rumor or if it’s the real deal later this morning.

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  1. Ron said February 9, 2009 | Permalink

    Given how much Big Steve has been a proponent of e-books since putting out Ride The Bullet, I could easily see him putting out something exclusive for Amazon and Kindle. He, moreso than any other author, has embraced this newfangled technology.


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