Podcamp Nashville ’09

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One thing I’ve learned since I joined the online community is that if you want to learn, sometimes you need to get out there and network, learn cutting edge technology and find out what’s next.

On March 7th, you can do this and it won’t cost you a dime.

Podcamp Nashville is set for an all day seminar at Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

What is Podcamp? I’ll let them tell you:

PodCamp is a free “unconference” focused on new media. I’m assuming your next question is what’s an “unconference”. Well, among the many hard to explain things in this world, this may not be the hardest, but it’s ranks up there in my book. Here’s how podcamp.org explains it:

“The characteristics of all successful communities: broadly shared, accessible set of opportunities, a shared sense of responsibility for the success of the common enterprise, and a genuine sense of belonging.” – Former President Bill Clinton, TED2007

PodCamp is a FREE BarCamp-style community UnConference for podcasters and listeners, bloggers and readers, and anyone interested in New Media. It was held for the first time from September 8-10 in Boston, Massachusetts and is now spreading across the world.

You do NOT need to be a podcaster to attend a PodCamp. If you’re interested in podcasting or blogging, if if you’re a podsafe musician (or want to be), or just someone curious about podcasting and new media, then please join us — and bring a friend or colleague.

Here is a list of the speaker sessions where you can see that it’s more than just podcasting.

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