Online Community Management 101

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Julie Starr from Evolving Newsroom has a great list regarding some basics about a news site and also about blogging in general. From managing privacy policies to terms of service, her list has it.

One item that sometimes mades new bloggers hesitant are trolls. These off-topic comments can be disruptive to an online conversation, or they can also keep a thread going. It depends on what you are looking for.

Here’s what Starr writes:

Identifying Trolls
Repeated disruptions, steering conversation, server logs
They’re not the freakout comment, but the one before it. They goad.
Sometimes people use two identities to fight with themselves – can see it’s the same IP address. Puppet accounts.
Sometimes they do it to back up the first comment.  “You may not create puppet accounts and talk to yourself”.

There is a whole lot more and Starr’s list is easy to follow, comprehensive and food for thought. Her list hits on common questions regarding how to create a website that becomes a community.

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