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Angela Dice discusses an innovative way to share news costs through different news organizations on Wired Journalists.

So, here’s what I think might be the start of something that could work: A site that pulls in links, stories, etc. via RSS feeds from a group of newspapers and bloggers who’ve all agreed to the terms of the consortium (and pay basic hosting, IT and management fees). They each could set a base price for their stories based on categories, but have the ability to go in and increase (say for a long investigative piece) or decrease the cost. They also would be able to highlight articles

This is thinking outside of the box. There are two lines of thought I want to address.

First of all, Dice hits on the head the costs of the AP in her post which have always been an issue for smaller newspapers. The Associated Press is expensive as is hosting/IT costs. So this would be an innovative way to handle that dilemma. On the other hand, convincing publishers who are not Internet friendly is a task many of us are continually dealing with. There is still a great deal of “Us And Them” going on with publishers. Those ideas, however, will change significantly when there is a force of change, which in many ways, is happening right now.

The one challenge that editors/owners are also going to have to deal with is “The Scoop” and creating an online environment that promotes exceptional writing that demands attention.

One last thing, editors need the Angela Dices on their payroll because they are thinking of new ideas in this stormy economic climate.

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