From The Newsroom To The Strip Club

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Some journalists are taking new avenues toward success after their buyouts.

Case in point Michael Precker, formerly of the Dallas Morning News:

For Michael Precker, that loss of status wasn’t as grim as the fear of it. A veteran foreign correspondent and editor for the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Precker took a buyout in 2006 and now manages a high-end strip club. “I really wondered how it would feel to sever that link — Michael Precker of the Dallas Morning News,” he says. “But it has been easier than I thought. I feel lucky.” Likewise, Mr. Wenske is working happily as a senior community-affairs adviser for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

To disassociate identity from professional status, therapists recommend taking pride in characteristics that can’t be stripped away — virtue, integrity, honesty, generosity. They also recommend investing more time and pride in relationships with family, friends and community. Of course, obsessive attention to work can breed success. But therapists say that adding some balance tends to help rather than hurt performance, in part by reducing pressure.

Many of us have pondered what we will do next if our jobs play out and we are laid off. Have you thought about your next step? Precker said it wasn’t hard for him to do.

If it keeps the dogs in kibble, you do what you have to. And Precker has no qualms that he’s successful in his new venue and he’s enjoying it.

Lots of food for thought, isn’t it?

H/T Poynter

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  1. Scott Adcox said February 10, 2009 | Permalink

    Way to grab attention with a headline. That is veteran newsmanship. 🙂


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