Facebook’s Terms Of Use

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Cathy McCaughan, in the comments,  points us to what Facebook is doing with your stuff.

Facebook’s terms of service (TOS) used to say that when you closed an account on their network, any rights they claimed to the original content you uploaded would expire. Not anymore. Now, anything you upload to Facebook can be used by Facebook in any way they deem fit, forever, no matter what you do later. Want to close your account? Good for you, but Facebook still has the right to do whatever it wants with your old content. They can even sublicense it if they want.

Reading those terms of service is sort of important, don’t you think. The thing is that so many people, including myself, don’t always do that.

So remember, if you click the yes to the contract, there may be some hidden issues that you might not have thought about.

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  1. leslie said February 16, 2009 | Permalink

    Ahh, just set up a business page. Do you walk away because of terms of service or embrace the benefits of using FB as another tool?

  2. Cathy said February 16, 2009 | Permalink

    Typical Facebook nonsense shouldn’t bother anyone. People who publish their blog posts on Facebook need to consider the property they are giving away.

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