Everything I Need to Know About AdSense

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…I learned from this FAQ.

Ok, not everything.  A few things that aren’t covered here are topics like ad placement and blending.  Still, this is a great guide if you are just getting started with AdSense and want to make sure your bases are covered as far as complying with Google’s Terms of Service.  The last thing you want is to get banned! A few very important points covered here:

  • AdSense can’t appear in pop-ups.  On a personal note–please don’t put pop-ups on your site.  Thanks!
  • Don’t click on your own ads, and what to do if you accidentally do.
  • You don’t have to get approved to add a new site under your account.
  • You can’t put AdSense in emails.
  • You can have images next to and above ads, but they can’t be deceptive
  • You can put Google and Yahoo! ads on the same site, but NOT on the same page

The full list is a great resource for quick answers. If you are looking for optimization tips and more information, check out the Digital Point AdSense Forums. A word or warning though–lots of noise there about people who are making $1k/month and want to sell you their secrets.  There are probably some folks making that kind of money, but they are more than likely pretty quiet about it. Many of the people there are running niche sites that are set up to get search engine traffic and convert them to ad clicks, but the basic ideas of placement and ad types apply to any site.

AdSense may not be part of your long term strategy for a journalist to monetize a web site, or it may only be a small part. However, it’s just about the quickest way to get relevant ads that pay on your site without having to go out and sell.  After a site is established with some decent traffic, more opportunities become available.

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