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Busy Mom is categorized as a Mommy Blogger, which is big business these days, but she is so much more than that. She is a revolutionary voice in the blogosphere and can turn a phrase better than anyone. She is also a voice of reason. She spotlights the changes in the blogging community over the years and puts a wonderful spin on the old adage of blogging for yourself and not what others expect of you.

She writes:

People may be fake or dishonest, but really? It can be that way with the people you can see, too, not just other bloggers.

People will criticize other people’s decisions in order to justify their own. It happens.

These debates aren’t going away, the whole mommybloggers and marketing or “aggressive mommyblogging” (I prefer “performance blogging”) topics will be replaced with something else.

It’s just the way large groups work.

Having goals (even goals that involve an income) for your blog isn’t inherently evil.

Not having goals doesn’t make your blog lesser somehow.

Whatever your purpose and whatever the other guy’s purpose is, I propose we stop analyzing it all the time and just write and interact, already.

Busy Mom says it better than anyone, and I don’t know any blogger that hasn’t been told by others that they need to “do this” or “do that” which can be frustrating.

The key is, as she says, do what you want to do and don’t let anyone else define you.

Pretty good advice for anyone blogging. I will add, the blogosphere changes constantly. The best thing to remember is just roll with the changes. It’s the journey you are taking, not necessarily the destination, that will set the tone of your online presence.

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