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Notes from the Constant Observer

Two upheavals in the citizen-generated media world: Scoopt, which sold “amateur” pics to news agencies is shutting down and right-wing blog network Pajamas Media is shuttering its blogging arm in favor of Pajamas TV (a talking-head video franchise)

Tish Grier writes that “linking doesn’t translate to video” and she think it’s a bad move.

One question comes to mind here and that is would you watch Pajamas TV?

UPDATED: Glenn Reynolds weighs in with several links on the ad network at Pajamas Media and his observations.

H/T Jack Lail

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  1. Christian said February 8, 2009 | Permalink

    I’m not sure Tish is as educated on online video as she intends to come across. Online video allows for clickable content in both live and recorded streams. Ustream has a clickable ticker allowing viewers to click anything being discussed. YouTube allows for clickable notes that appear throughout the video.

    When it comes to content’s ability to replicate reality and facilitate real conversation, video is king, and Tish should explore the options now available in this format.

  2. Tish Grier said February 8, 2009 | Permalink

    Christian: does Technorati or Google count the links coming from video? how is video ranked (as in Page Rank?) Video is also wicked time-consuming. If I’m reading something by, oh, say, Frank Rich, I can skim it in less time it takes me to watch a video of Rich saying the same thing. Also, to try to cite video is a pain in the a**.

    Further, how many people are reading political commentary to replicate reality? Does it really facilitate conversation? I see more conversation on twitter, which occurs in real time, than between people on video networks like USteram. Twitter seems to be where more “real” conversations happen.

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