A City Without A Daily Newspaper

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Patrick Beeson tipped us to this two-part story at NPR about the impact of a city losing their daily newspaper.

In cities around the country, such as Atlanta and San Francisco, the major newspaper in town is losing money. Financial analysts say they expect some big dailies to fold, perhaps as soon as this year.

But what would it mean for a city if its newspaper were to disappear?

I talk about learning new technology, and my utter failings at it sometimes, because of the state of emergency that is going on at many papers which are on financially perilous ground at the moment. Box sales are down, ad revenues are down as well as subscriptions and everyone is looking at new efforts to monetize news delivery.

With that said, I love soy ink on the tips of my fingers. I love the jump to finish the story and letters to the editor (especially crazy ones.) There is something satisfying about grimacing at the editorial page or reading the latest sports story.

For the reporters that work for me, I evangelize that news won’t stop but the delivery is going to be different in the coming months and years. That we need to step it up a notch to remain relevant. People want news. That’s not going to change, campers.

However, no one can predict what our readers will do next and where they will find their news. Will the need for a tangible page of newsprint remain valuable to the audience or will the immediacy of a free product on the web win out?

These are questions a lot of folks are asking.

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One Comment

  1. lilu said February 5, 2009 | Permalink

    a city widthout a paper! not a strange thing for me! i live in such a city!


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