Web Users Are Mission Minded

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One issue that is sometimes forgotten about the web is that, in many cases, it’s not a leisurely affair that an audience has when they get their google-fu on. People want what they want right NOW!

Web users are mission minded. Cramped for attention. Bent on standards. And uninterested in learning new navigation methods. What you have to remember is that people don’t go to the web to window shop.

They go there to drive 60 miles per hour—and look at billboards.

Thus, there’s only one good reason why you should learn how to write clear, concise and compelling copy for the web…

To get noticed.

That means when someone arrives at your website, blog or article, they should know immediately what to expect. Everything–even your microcontent–should be simple, succinct and scannable.

If you are in the business of wanting to be a memorable part of the Internet, you need to be reading CopyBlogger.

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  1. Amber said January 18, 2009 | Permalink

    Good stuff and should be somewhat instinctive.

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