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From a blog new to me called A Little News.

The traditional model for news gathering has always been words first and then visuals supporting and it has worked for decades, a century really. Even the vaunted New York Times which was traditionally known as the “Gray Lady” for her dependence on the written word has made massive strides in getting more visual. Newspapers are going to have to turn to their photography departments to take a lead role in news gathering and not merely look at them as service departments. The reason being is that the web is a highly visual place. Photographs, and even video on some occasions, need to lead the Internet coverage. The one thing that many newspapers have missed either partially or entirely is the importance of being, not simply visual, but visually dominant. Any readership survey will tell you that people are reading less and spend far less time on any site or with any newspaper than they did even a decade ago.

I’ve never thought about it quite like that but the author is absolutely correct.

I’m subscribing to this one. They practice what they preach. The photos are fantastic.

Another good example of investigative journalism that has proven to be amazing is which I also highly recommend.

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