Video Hardly Killed The Radio Star

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Zac Echola has an excellent post I found on Twitter this morning. It’s long and detailed on his observations about newspapers, media and establishing new ideas. It’s called Cutting The Cords, Bridging The Gaps:

Let’s face a few facts: Nothing a newspaper can do will stop the migration of readers (and ultimately money) from printed product to the Web. No redesign, no layoffs, no consultant will change the will of the information consumer. I’m not suggesting print will completely die. No medium has yet desimated another medium, only forced new technologies to deploy the old media. Video hardly killed the radio star, but the addition of new technology certainly changed the game–and with it, new business models were forged.

The entire post is excellent and he ends it with this gem. Read every word of it because he’s giving valuable information.

The point here is that web forms don’t need a commission, they work on holidays and weekends and they don’t ever sleep. Obfuscating the various ways we can take money from advertisers is a horrible plan, all things considered. Keeping products clear and always available is key to any future success newspapers hope to expect online this year.

H/T Ryan Sholin on Twitter

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