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This is something all of us might want to watch.

This is a post from Jeremiah Owyang regarding Twitter valuation.

Last week, when I visited the smooth Twitter offices in SF, I asked them about official registered users and they commented “they don’t give out those numbers”, as it would benefit others more than them. So, I’ll average it around 5mm total registered users. I trust the HP labs research on Twitter (met with Bernardo two weeks ago) and their data from a significant sample size shows that only 68% of users return.

This would suggest that 3,400,000 actual users, which if you diveded into the supposed valuation of $250mm would result in the active (people who actually return) users actual worth $73.52. Scobleizer suggests it’s $42 but I think it’s near double that –as you have to take into account those that won’t participate.

When you are looking at tools such as Twitter and it’s worth, it’s hard to measure.

However, there are people out there who are doing just that.

It’s still wait and see but I’m wondering where the road is taking us as Twitter users not only for journalists but for social media strategists, business owners and those who enjoy the service.

H/T Jesse Newhart on Twitter

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  1. christinajade said January 25, 2009 | Permalink

    i’m wondering, if they are trying to put a value on twitter accounts, what is next? one of the things i love the most about twitter is that there are no ads and other crap messing everything up. and if they are trying to measure the value of a tweetie (my little pet name, heh) then i have to think as to WHY they are doing so. will twitter become a paid service in the future?

    just the fact that someone is even doing this research opens the doors for many questions. hmmm


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