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A couple of weeks ago, I joined The Media Is Dying on Twitter. I thought it might be a way to follow the constant layoffs going on in the journalism world.

I didn’t realize that my twitterverse would be overflowing from the constant disclosure of another laid off writer. It’s been overwhelming and a bit depressing if the truth be told. I also think it’s necessary to know what’s going on.

An interesting perspective on this new tool:

But Speaking Visually writes, “The instant adaptation of TMID by industry insiders and media professionals proves that journalists are committed to informing the pubic and getting the story out–even when the stories are about the painful contractions and loss of jobs in the media industry. The people behind the feed told AFP-MediaWatch that they’re “several (around 10 now!) pr pros in-house, at agencies and independents across the US and now internationally in London–we aren’t starting a business–this is a passion project–people are just genuinely interested/here to help the community.” But they note they’d like to remain anonymous because “We all still work in the media.”

I’ve been told by other working journalists in the area I live that sometimes they feel as if they are waiting. When I ask them what they are waiting for, they have trouble articulating their worries.

While watching the barrage of tweets seeing another journalist going down, they don’t have to articulate at all. It goes without saying what they are worried about.

I also believe it’s necessary to know what journalists are up against. No matter how painful it may be to watch.

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