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I think the concept of TheDigitel is one we need to be watching. Based in Charleston, S.C., it appears to be a convergence of mainstream media, online news and welcomes citizen journalism.

Giant Hawk Media LLC has started TheDigitel.

We are creating an online, easy-to-use, and comprehensive resource for local-level information.
Our product is called, and it creates unparalleled access to a community’s pulse. It also gives media producers — whether individuals, large media outlets, or something in between — traffic from a broader audience.
The first city we are deploying in is Charleston, S.C.

And here’s is why TheDigitel was started from founders Christopher Giganti and Kenneth Hawkins.

Giant Hawk Media is founded on the principle that online success requires you to be a good Web citizen and provide a straightforward, interactive, and comprehensive view of the community and what is happening within it.

No traditional media presences online adequately accomplish this. While there have been many strides in usability, redesigns by organizations such as The New York Times, CNN and MSNBC have failed to significantly integrate the hyperlink (both in form and function) into their content presentation. On the local level, news outlets’ online efforts have been even more convoluted and less successful.
In the growing online news market, it’s not enough to present one’s own view of the facts. Media outlets must provide a comprehensive perspective of the facts, even if this means offering competing coverage side by side.

We are going to be seeing more efforts like this. I’ve always thought of blogging as an ongoing letter to the editor that is filled with personalization be it about news, politics or knitting for that matter. Giant Hawk is exploring online news markets that present the news in a straight forward manner. You may not have news ink on your fingers, but you will be getting the news.

And the other key is they are thinking local.

The combination of citizen journalism and mainstream media is something that is happening. And, quite frankly, why not. With traditional newsrooms becoming smaller, there are those visionaries out there who are making their own newsrooms to their own specifications.

I’ll be watching this because it very well could go viral quickly.

H/T Low Country Bloggers

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