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Here is an article about the incubation concept which is very intriguing regarding online journalism.

* Problem: In 2008, traditional news organizations continued to shrink or close their doors. They laid off more than 15,000 journalists, resulting in a significant loss of the good journalism so vital to U.S. citizens and our democracy. Dozens of communities and neighborhoods now have little or no coverage of their local health, their local environment, or their local government. Some no longer have reporters, no journalism at all.
* Problem: This trend is likely to accelerate. Some people predict that half of the nation’s 1,500 daily newspapers will no longer exist within 10 years.
* Opportunity: The Web continues to propel the nichification of news. Hundreds of Web-based news/information sites and organizations have appeared over the last few years and are thriving, including, MinnPost,,, (which is now part of, Politico, the St. Louis Beacon, Huffington Post, BlogHer, and Marketwatch. There’s a need for hundreds, perhaps thousands, more.
* Opportunity: This new medium has its own unique characteristics that require a different type of journalism that significantly changes how journalists do their jobs. It offers the potential for journalists to serve their communities better, to engage more citizens, and to do better storytelling.

Read the rest of this unique idea at The RJI Collaboratory’s website.

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