The Concept Of Wireframes

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Megan Morris at Hammock Inc. gives a breakdown on Wireframes, a concept I’m sure sadcox knows about but not this old school journalist.

Just like you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, you don’t want to build a website without a wireframe. Whether you’re building an entire site from scratch or just adding on a new page or section, wireframes are a big help to the design team as well as the site developers.

Go read her whole post. I found it fascinating. I guess you can learn something everyday.

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  1. sadcox said January 6, 2009 | Permalink

    ha! I should do this…

    Seriously, I should. I’m usually so excited about a project that I go by the seat of my pants. Actually, one of the other things I really like about WordPress is that you can just go grab a theme from someone when you’re first starting out, and they’ve already taken all of this into consideration.

    Thoughts of redesigns now running through my head…

  2. Laura Creekmore said January 6, 2009 | Permalink

    Back in the really old days, when I worked on the college newspaper, we always did our layouts first on paper templates — you know, sketching them out by hand. We had templates that showed the proportional space available on the page and sketched in our stories based on the inches. I’m sure newspapers have moved far beyond that concept now.

    But wireframes really aren’t that different. They could be as simple as a sketch on paper, or a precisely-measured-out frame you create on the computer. They simply help you begin the visualization process of building a new page. Often, you can catch usability mistakes at this point and correct them before you touch a bit of code.


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