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Way to go genius!

Way to go genius!

A few weeks ago, Newscoma updated her site to WordPress 2.7 and changed her theme. I was really proud of her because she did both by herself even though she was a little nervous, but she’s had a very strange issue ever since–even though she allows comments on her posts by default, any new post she created had comments disabled. She’d have to write the post, then go back and edit it immediately and enable comments in order for folks to discuss. Very strange. We’ve been so busy working here that I didn’t have much time to look at it, but I had some time tonight so I checked it out.

I noticed that she didn’t have the “Discussion” options listed in the “Post New” panel, so I checked the “screen options” to make sure “Discussion” was checked. Sure enough, it was checked, so those options should have been showing. I Googled everything I could think of but could not find the answer, nor could I find anyone else who was having this problem.

Then I remembered an issue ‘Coma had on previous WordPress versions. When she tried to create new posts her screen would freeze. This was because she had so many records in her database, and there were a couple of lines in the wp-admin\edit-form-advanced.php file that were trying to load them all. Commenting out these lines as described here fixed that problem.

Sure enough, those same lines were giving her a problem in WordPress 2.7, it just had a different symptom. Commenting those lines was the simple fix.

Even though it was a problem we knew about before, this still had me puzzled for a little while. What I’m driving at here is that the issues and bumps in the road happen to everyone, not just newbies. So when you’re frustrated by a problem and can’t find a solution, you can at least take comfort knowing that somewhere a nerd is pulling his hair out over a silly problem too.  I’m in no way comparing myself to him, but it reminds me of a quote from Albert Einstein…

“Do not worry about your problems with mathematics, I assure you mine are far greater.”

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