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Seth Godin on what to do when the new tools aren’t working for you:

Either you are on the path of the TV Industrial complex, and you’re prepared to promote and spam and spend and make average stuff for average people… or you are busy embracing the new media for everything it can offer.

Don’t get stuck in the middle. It’s painful.

When the new stuff doesn’t work, do the new stuff more and better.

Again, he’s an everyday read.

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  1. James said January 9, 2009 | Permalink

    I enjoy Seth Godin’s blog. I’m don’t even care about marketing but I read every post. It’s a mix of old philosophy and new and never overcomplicated. Plus, he can write code (which isn’t too shabby).

  2. sadcox said January 9, 2009 | Permalink

    @James whenever I tell someone new about Seth Godin I make sure to tell them he has great thoughts for everyone, “whether you sign the paychecks or mop the floor.”

    I also like his idea that all jobs involve some marketing at some level. And you’re right–the simplicity with which he’s able to convey ideas is amazing.


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