Single-Copy Press Runs Up Day After Inauguration

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This week, regardless of political convictions, has been huge for this country. A new president has been sworn in and it’s been very off to see that although the Internet proved invaluable on Tuesday to follow the day’s events, it’s the newspapers who won on Wednesday.

Newspapers that saw skyrocketing demand for extra copies after Election Day were a bit more prepared today for an expected boost from Barack Obama’s inauguration, with numerous dailies increasing their single-copy press runs, some by as many as 800%.

The Chicago Tribune, which sold an extra 400,000 copies the day after Obama was elected, printed 475,000 more copies today, increasing its single-copy run from the usual 57,000, according to Communications Manager Michael Dizon. That is in addition to the usual 500,000 home delivery copies.

The Trib wasn’t the only newspaper to up their print runs. Papers all over the country followed suit.

It’s actually a telling commentary about the place that newspapers hold for collectors as much as anything.

The cynic in me wonders how long it will take some of these editions to make it to EBay for a quick buck.

Either way, the Inauguration may have boosted newspaper sales but, in the end, did it just happen for one day?

I’m afraid the answer to that question is yes.

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