Recession Vs. Depression In A Journalist’s World

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Katherine Coble, who is a powerhouse blogger from Nashville, writes today of the changing landscape of the world of journalism and publishing.

She’s one of the sharpest minds around when it comes to breaking it down. She writes this morning of the local alternative in her community dropping the books section from their pages. She also talks about reinvention of reporters (and in the world of transparency, mentions yours truly.)

Here’s what she says:

Oh yeah. I need to add something. I’ve got great respect for the reporters and editors who saw their jobs in jeopardy years ago and decided to embrace the internet instead of dismissing it snidely (a la The Scene.) I’m talking about people like Newscoma, Jack Lail, Brittney Gilbert, James Lileks and a bunch of other people I’m forgetting.

They all saw their world ending and didn’t know what to do about it. But they’ve all made the best of a bad situation by making the Internet their own. That’s far cooler than many newsprint folks did.

Lovely words and I want to publicly  thank her. But that’s not the point of her post. She tackles the differences between the words depression and recession in respect to the world of journalism.

Check out her commentary.

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