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A review and interview with Trace Sharp (newscoma) and Scott Adcox (sadcox) at KtownLowDown courtesy of the site’s kind host, Svandyke.

Here’s a snippet:

Being familiar with the bloggers that founded NTZ, one is personal friend and helped me start KTOWNLOWDOWN (sadcox/Scott) and the other was someone I had been reading for some time (Newscoma/Trace), I thought I’d bring you a bit of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of how this monster idea was ‘birthed’.  And don’t make the mistake of thinking that the way this site came about is strictly about a couple of on-line folks creating a website.  This is a model of how many businesses and joint ventures will be started and the efficiency at which they can operate for at least a decade.

Thanks for the kind words from the folks at ktownlowdown. And be sure to read the whole article because we pontificate a bit on what’s going on at NewsTechZilla.

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